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Latha Rajinikanth S Megam Thalam

Latha Rajinikanth S Megam Thalam

Latha Rajinikanth is an Indian film producer and playback singer who is also the wife of superstar actor Rajinikanth. She has sung a few songs in Tamil films such as Tik Tik Tik (1981) and Anbulla Rajinikanth (1984). However, one of her songs that became a viral sensation on the internet was Megam Thalam Poda from the album Saaral.


Megam Thalam Poda is a song composed by Veeramani Kannan and written by Vairamuthu. It was released in 2008 as part of the album Saaral, which was a tribute to Rajinikanth's 25 years in cinema. The song features Latha Rajinikanth's vocals along with a chorus of children. The lyrics are about the greatness of Rajinikanth and his fans, and how they create a thunderous applause for him. The song also praises Rajinikanth's humility, generosity, and charisma.

The song became popular among Rajinikanth's fans and was widely shared on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The song also received mixed reactions from the public, with some appreciating Latha Rajinikanth's singing talent and others criticizing her voice quality and pronunciation. Some even made parody versions of the song, adding humorous elements to it. The song also sparked debates on whether Latha Rajinikanth was trying to cash in on her husband's fame or genuinely expressing her admiration for him.

Regardless of the opinions, Megam Thalam Poda remains one of the most memorable songs sung by Latha Rajinikanth. It showcases her love for her husband and his fans, as well as her passion for music. It is a song that celebrates the phenomenon that is Rajinikanth.

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