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Prior to having twins a month shy of turning 36, I had diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder. Needless to say, my journey into motherhood has been a true test of my mental fortitude. 

My intention was to begin this website/blog three years ago in 2018 while pregnant. But life happened and I'm just glad I got my ass in gear enough to make it happen. Seriously, when you have two-year-old twins accomplishing anything beyond the absolute necessities of your to-do list is a huge win - even if I'm just talking to myself. 

But I don't think I am talking to myself. I think the overwhelming stress of motherhood is a reality for nearly every mother. We tend to just deal with it on our own, but that shit ends here. is a judgement-free zone where mothers can openly discuss the stresses of motherhood. We can also openly talk about how we miss our old selves and don't want to just be seen as moms. 

We're bad ass women that created life god damn it. We can be a mom and go out and have a drink with our girls and tie one on a bit like we used to. It's okay, and dare I say it healthy for us mentally. 

So that's the deal. I'm a keep it real type person that encourages all of you mothers to be you, to keep your cool. 

Because the stress of motherhood is real, and that shit is forever. So we may as well talk about it so we can manage it a little better as we try our best not to fuck up our kids. 

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